Animal Information

KAS03237663BB Knoll Acres Ida  

Animal Information
ID #: 7663 Type: Registry
Reg #: KAS03237663BB Breed: BB
Farm Tag: 2312 / 0354 Reg Date: 7/26/2023
Animal Name: Knoll Acres Ida Sex: Ewe
DOB: 3/22/2023 Num in Birth: Twin
Status: Active  
Sire ID #: 3387 Dam ID #: 6316
Sire Reg #: BWF07133387BB Dam Reg #: KAS04206316BB
Sire Name: Bellwether Winston Dam Name: Knoll Acres Isis
Sire Horns: Polled  
Breeder Info: Roman J Miller
KAS - Knoll Acres
Harrisonburg, VA
Owner Info: Bridget C and Guy Buzzoni
BGB - Bellwether Farm
Hillsborough, NJ
Transfer Records
From 293 To 1162 on 2023-11-17 (Rec 2023-12-05)