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Before Buying Registrable Sheep

Before buying “registrable” sheep, please keep in mind that only a sheep’s Breeder can register it with BBSAI.

As the Buyer, you may transfer an already-registered sheep to your name with BBSAI, but this requires that you receive proper transfer paperwork from the Seller. The BBSAI recommends that you get this paperwork before finalizing your purchase. A sample of the paper form is shown at the bottom of this page.

Proper transfer paperwork is a sheep’s BBSAI Certificate of Registry with all the following on it.

  1. Your Seller’s name and address listed at the top right of the certificate under “Issued To”.
  2. Your Seller’s signature at the bottom of the certificate under the “Transfer of Registration” section.
  3. Your name and address in the Buyer Name and Buyer Address fields.
  4. The effective date of the Seller’s transfer to you.

With the above method, you send the Transfer of Registration form and a check for $5 to BBSAI, and then BBSAI changes the registration to list you as the sheep’s owner.

In lieu of the above method, your Seller can register a sheep and transfer it to you all in one step online, but only if the Seller meets all the following criteria:

  1. Is a current BBSAI member.
  2. Is the sheep’s breeder.
  3. Is listed in the BBSAI Registry as the owner of the sheep’s sire AND its dam.

These are the key points to keep in mind regarding BBSAI registration and transfer of ownership to your name; however, please feel free to contact BBSAI if you have questions about specific circumstances for sheep that you are considering buying.

Click on the sample form below to download and view it as a PDF file.

If the form does not open as a PDF after you click on it below, check your web browser’s download folder for the file.