Animal Information

WRF05112799BB Wild Rose Elaine  

Animal Information
ID #: 2799 Type: Registry
Reg #: WRF05112799BB Breed: BB
Farm Tag: 237 0013 Reg Date: 10/31/2012
Animal Name: Wild Rose Elaine Sex: Ewe
DOB: 5/17/2011 Num in Birth: Unknown
Sire ID #: 2217 Dam ID #: 10892
Sire Reg #: WRF04102217BB Dam Reg #: CJE1204892
Sire Name: Wild Rose Denali Dam Name: Critterhaven Amelia
Sire Horns: Polled  
Breeder Info: Eldon and Cynthia Andersen
WRF - Wild Rose Farm
Hershey, NE
Owner Info: Lyn Brown
EBB - Enchantment Barbados Blackbelly Ranch
La Plata, NM
Transfer Records
From 15 To 590 on 2012-11-16 (Rec 2016-09-23)