Animal Information

BD107164956BB St. Isidore Bonnie  

Animal Information
ID #: 4956 Type: Registry
Reg #: BD107164956BB Breed: BB
Farm Tag: 21 Reg Date: 6/11/2017
Animal Name: St. Isidore Bonnie Sex: Ewe
DOB: 7/19/2016 Num in Birth: Single
Sire ID #: 4398 Dam ID #: 3900
Sire Reg #: SSF07154398BB Dam Reg #: BD112143900BB
Sire Name: Sunny Slope Harley Dam Name: Black Diamond Connie
Sire Horns: Polled  
Breeder Info: Gwendolyn Mcphail
BD1 - Black Diamond Sheep and Cattle
Seneca, SC
Owner Info: Coby Spicer
SDK - Spicer's Dorpers & Kennel
Rock Island, TN
Transfer Records
From 606 To 752 on 2020-02-20 (Rec 2020-04-29)