Animal Information

SPR04175098BB Springwood Dinghy  

Animal Information
ID #: 5098 Type: Registry
Reg #: SPR04175098BB Breed: BB
Farm Tag: 46/1046 Reg Date: 9/28/2017
Animal Name: Springwood Dinghy Sex: Ewe
DOB: 4/12/2017 Num in Birth: Twin
Sire ID #: 1106 Dam ID #: 4145
Sire Reg #: SSF03061106P Dam Reg #: SSF07154145BB
Sire Name: Bailey Dam Name: Sunny Slope Brass
Sire Horns: Polled  
Breeder Info: Will Hueston and Pam Hand
SPR - Springwood Farm
Free Union, VA
Owner Info: Jeffrey and Kathy Kucko
KUC - Hidden Hollow Farm
Sneedville, TN
Transfer Records
From 484 To 826 on 2018-10-05 (Rec 2019-01-18)