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Links Picture Reg # Breed Reg Date Farm Tag Flk Prefix Name Sex DOB Status Num in Birth Sire Reg # Sire Name Dam Reg # Dam Name Breeder Owner
GAF04207228AB AB 9/9/2022 AL3158-0015 GAF Grateful Akers Abillios R 4/20/2020 Active Twin LSS03185841AB Grateful Akers Romulus DJF06175357AB Double J Begonia Zeb Akers Zeb Akers
GAF04227229AB AB 9/9/2022 AL3158-0047 GAF Grateful Akers Titus R 4/3/2022 Active Single T5F04206371AB Stomp & Steer Tatius T5F07206373AB Stomp & Steer Sabilia Zeb Akers Zeb Akers
GAF04217230AB AB 9/9/2022 AL3158-0027 GAF Grateful Akers Ulysses R 4/25/2021 Deceased Single LSS03185841AB Grateful Akers Romulus DJF04206412AB Double J Ophelia Zeb Akers Zeb Akers
DJF04238021AB AB 5/25/2024 AL192-0353 DJF Double J Othello R 4/10/2023 Active Twin DJF06185789AB Double J Annie's Boy DJF08185739AB Double J Grace John Carlton Zeb Akers
T5F03227951AB AB 4/20/2024 2207/IN48097 T5F Stomp & Steer Tiberius R 3/24/2022 Active Triplet GRK04206385AB Krause's Chance T5F10196185AB Stomp & Steer Cleopatra Tiana Engstrom Zeb Akers
LSS03185841AB AB 6/14/2019 TX27017-0036 LSS Grateful Akers Romulus R 3/10/2018 Deceased Twin DJF07143918AB Double J Son of a Gun RCR07154262AB Robinson Creek Jubilee David Sandberg Zeb Akers