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Progeny of BWF02051014 Bellwether Xenia  
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Links Picture Reg # Breed Farm Tag Name Sex DOB Num in Birth Sire Reg # Sire Name Breeder Owner
SSF03081572BB BB 21 Sunny Slope Patty E 3/17/2008 Triplet CJE08061136P Critterhaven Zebulon Elaine Haas Elaine Haas
SSF04102179BB BB 73 / 0022 Sunny Slope Brady R 4/17/2010 Triplet SSF03061106P Bailey Elaine Haas Elaine Haas
SSF04102340BB BB 74 Sunny Slope Charm E 4/17/2010 Unknown SSF03061106P Bailey Elaine Haas Pj Mraz
SSF09112618BB BB 137 Sunny Slope Jeannine E 9/10/2011 Unknown SSF03061106P Bailey Elaine Haas Nanci Loren
SSF07143859BB BB 251 Sunny Slope Xanthe E 7/14/2014 Twin SSF03081573BB Sunny Slope Jeremiah Elaine Haas Elaine Haas
SSF03154147BB BB 268 Sunny Slope Sicily E 3/26/2015 Triplet SSF06143857BB Sunny Slope Santos Elaine Haas Will Hueston and Pam Hand