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Progeny of BWF06061079P Bellwether Utah  
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Links Picture Reg # Breed Farm Tag Name Sex DOB Num in Birth Dam Reg # Dam Name Breeder Owner
SSF06122817BB BB 142 Sunny Slope Elsa E 6/30/2012 Unknown SSF03081575BB Sunny Slope Erma Elaine Haas Elaine Haas
SSF07122818BB BB 149 Sunny Slope Zoey E 7/6/2012 Unknown SSF04081577BB Sunny Slope Zennia Elaine Haas Elaine Haas
SSF07122941BB BB 146 Sunny Slope Chika E 7/1/2012 Unknown SSF04102340BB Sunny Slope Charm Elaine Haas James Orr
SSF07122942BB BB 150 Sunny Slope Zuri E 7/6/2012 Unknown SSF04081577BB Sunny Slope Zennia Elaine Haas James Orr
SSF07122943BB BB 153 Sunny Slope Gugu E 7/10/2012 Unknown SSF05102342BB Sunny Slope Ginger Elaine Haas James Orr
SSF07122944BB BB 156 Sunny Slope Adjoa E 7/16/2012 Unknown SSF04102343BB Sunny Slope Amber Elaine Haas James Orr
SSF07122945BB BB 160 Sunny Slope Dede E 7/17/2012 Unknown SSF03081574BB Sunny Slope Diane Elaine Haas James Orr
SSF07122946BB BB 161 Sunny Slope Makena E 7/17/2012 Unknown SSF05081578BB Sunny Slope Missy Elaine Haas James Orr
SSF07122947BB BB 162 Sunny Slope Shani E 7/26/2012 Unknown SSF01102347BB Sunny Slope Scarlett Elaine Haas James Orr
SSF04133856BB BB 195 Sunny Slope Wonder E 4/5/2013 Twin SSF07113854BB Sunny Slope Hillary Elaine Haas Elaine Haas