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Progeny of HHF06071820BB Harmony Hills Dorie  
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Links Picture Reg # Breed Farm Tag Name Sex DOB Status Num in Birth Sire Reg # Sire Name Breeder Owner
HAM08102132BB BB 206 COPB91 Lazy Lamb Dixie E 8/24/2010 Active Triplet HHF03031817BBx Harmony Hills Rambo JoAnne A. Hamsher Gabriel Vazquez
RE706112594BB BB BCF006 RE7 Shiemell E 6/20/2011 Active Twin HAM03101971BB Lazy Lamb George Robert Saunders Rita Guill
RE704123167BB BB 211 COPB 91 RE7 Isabel E 4/15/2012 Active Unknown HAM08102129BB Lazy Lamb Trent Robert Saunders William G. and Geraldine A. McAlonan