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Progeny of BWF02123116BB Bellwether Amber  
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Links Picture Reg # Breed Farm Tag Name Sex DOB Num in Birth Sire Reg # Sire Name Breeder Owner
BBB05133425BB BB 0017 Breedlove Carmen E 5/8/2013 Single BWF02123120BB Bellwether Adrian Eileen Patton Mary Leatherman
BBB02143489BB BB 0025 Breedlove Foster R 2/1/2014 Twin BWF02123118BB Bellwether Arthur Eileen Patton Eileen Patton
RRB11144261BB BB 0103/ 0103 Respite Rivers Brutus R 11/25/2014 Twin BBB11123122BB Breedlove Barnabas Ziphora Chaim Ziphora Chaim