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Progeny of SSF05165451BB Sunny Slope Friendly  
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Links Picture Reg # Breed Farm Tag Name Sex DOB Num in Birth Sire Reg # Sire Name Breeder Owner
SSF07186083BB BB 384/MO61180160 Sunny Slope Opal E 7/6/2018 Twin BWF04133220BB Bellwether Ticonderoga Elaine Haas Elaine Haas
SSF05196100BB BB 393 Sunny Slope Frannie E 5/23/2019 Twin BWF04133381BB Bellwether Quizno Elaine Haas Emma Knickmeyer
SSF09217052BB BB 411 Sunny Slope Francis E 9/8/2021 Single GLG11176082BB Gribble Acres Trent Elaine Haas Jacqueline Tinker