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Progeny of KUC04196303BB Hidden Hollow Saul  
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Links Picture Reg # Breed Farm Tag Name Sex DOB Status Num in Birth Dam Reg # Dam Name Breeder Owner
SCK03227055BB BB 0059 Shepard's Cove Hannah E 3/27/2022 Active Single KUC04196305BB Hidden Hollow Redbud Kirsten Cansler Kenny and Nancy Reid
SCK03227438BB BB 0038 Shepard's Cove Betty Lou Rader E 3/31/2022 Active Single KUC04196307BB Hidden Hollow Spring Kirsten Cansler Britt Evans
SCK04227439BB BB 0039 Shepard's Cove Mary Lou Rader E 4/5/2022 Active Twin KUC04217043BB Hidden Hollow Princess Kirsten Cansler Britt Evans
SCK03227440BB BB 0037 Shepard's Cove Cindy Lou Rader E 3/21/2022 Active Single KUC04196306BB Hidden Hollow Amber Kirsten Cansler Britt Evans