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Progeny of SSF04102336BB Sunny Slope Willow  
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Links Picture Reg # Breed Farm Tag Name Sex DOB Status Num in Birth Sire Reg # Sire Name Breeder Owner
SSF09143861BB BB 255 Sunny Slope Caitlyn E 9/10/2014 Deceased Triplet KHF0202535P #13 Calvin Elaine Haas Will Hueston and Pam Hand
SSF09143862BB BB 256 Sunny Slope Cecilia E 9/10/2014 Active Triplet KHF0202535P #13 Calvin Elaine Haas Elaine Haas
SSF07154290BB BB 304/0106 Sunny Slope Minnie E 7/19/2015 Active Triplet SSF07112822BB Sunny Slope MacArthur Elaine Haas Gina Shaver
SSF05165591BB BB 337/B22 Sunny Slope Wren E 5/3/2016 Deceased Twin SSF07154399BB Sunny Slope Percival Elaine Haas Jacqueline Tinker