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How-To Videos and Webinars


The BBSAI plans to create videos that show how to perform many of the routine tasks involved in raising blackbelly sheep. Until resources (equipment, technician, and expertise) become available, we think the next best thing is to provide links to other Web sites where you can view similar videos. The videos will not have blackbelly sheep in them (and often will use goats), but the information is generally applicable to blackbelly sheep.

How to Apply an Ear Tag (
Regardless of what brand of tag you use, this video helps identify where and how to apply a tag.

Bottle Feeding a Goat Kid (
Veterinarian shows how to bottle feed a goat kid.

Castrating a Lamb (
Veterinarian shows how to castrate a lamb using an elastrator band.

How to Splint a Lamb’s Broken Leg (Pipestone Vet
Veterinarian shows how to splint a lamb’s leg using vet wrap and tongue depressors.

Tubing a Lamb (Pipestone Vet
Veterinarian shows how easy it is to tube a lamb.

Using a Stanchion on a Ewe Who Rejected a Lamb (Pipestone Vet
It is easy to build a stanchion that can help restrain a ewe to enable her lamb to nurse and eventually be accepted.

Correcting a Lamb’s Position During Birth (
Veterinarian shows how to correct the position of a lamb during birth.

Giving an Injection to a Lamb (
Veterinarian shows how to give a subcutaneous injection to a lamb.

Milking a Doe with Udder Problems (
Veterinarian shows the technique for milking a doe with udder problems.

Tube Feeding a Goat Kid (
Veterinarian shows how to tube feed a goat kid.

Trimming Sheep Hooves (
Informal video showing how to trim a sheep’s hooves.

Setting up an Electric Net Fence (
Netting is, without question, the most effective and user-friendly temporary electric fence design ever made. In this video, the experts at Premier will show you how easy ElectroNet is to install.

Lamb Cooking School (American Lamb Board)
How to stuff and roast a boneless leg of lamb.

Butcher Tips (American Lamb Board)

Chef Tips (American Lamb Board)


These webinars are presented by Susan Shoenian, creator of the Maryland Small Ruminant Page ( Each webinar lasts for about an hour. You’ll be able to hear the sound and see the accompanying slide presentation via your internet connection. The PowerPoint slides are available for download but you don’t need them for the Webinar.

Nutrition & Feeding Short Course

# Topic Date Presentation Links
I. Digestive physiology
Susan Schoenian
1/12/12 Webinar PowerPoint
II. Nutrients
Susan Schoenian
1/19/12 Webinar PowerPoint
III. Feedstuffs
Jeff Semler
1/26/12 Webinar PowerPoint
IV. Nutritional management
Susan Schoenian
2/2/12 Webinar PowerPoint
V. Ration balancing
Willie Lantz
2/9/12 Webinar PowerPoint
VI. Nutritional disorders
Susan Schoenian
2/16/12 Webinar PowerPoint

Spring Worm Webinar Series

# Topic Date Presentation Links
I. Parasite biology 5/5/11 Webinar PowerPoint
II. Management 5/12/11 Webinar PowerPoint
III. Diagnostic tools 5/19/11 Webinar PowerPoint
IV. Anthelmintics 5/26/11 Webinar PowerPoint

Ewe and Doe Management Series

# Topic Date Presentation Links
I. Late Gestation 1/13/11 Webinar PowerPoint
II. Vaccinations 1/20/11 Webinar PowerPoint
III. Parturition 2/3/11 Webinar PowerPoint
IV. Neonatal Care 2/10/11 Webinar PowerPoint
V. Lactation 2/17/11 Webinar PowerPoint
VI. Weaning 2/23/11 Webinar PowerPoint

Lamb Watch Class

Topic Date Duration Presentation Links
Nutrition of the ewe and her lambs 2/15/11 0:48:22 Webinar PowerPoint
Marketing products from sheep 4/19/11 0:48:22 Webinar PowerPoint

Sheep and goats: a weapon against weeds

Topic Date Duration Presentation Links
Controlling invasive plants with grazing 7/22/10 1:19:50 Webinar PowerPoint

The following webinars are presented by the Ohio State University Extension:

Basic Parasite Biology and Control Concepts

Presenter – Dr. Bill Shulaw
Topics covered in this session include:

  • life cycle description focusing on H. contortus
  • why/how dewormer resistance develops
  • concept of refugia and selective treatment; the FAMACHA System
  • complementary strategies:
  • plants with antiparasitic properties
  • use of “clean” pastures
  • dry lot rearing of lambs

Parasite Management: Lessons Learned and Farmer Applications

Presenters – Curt Cline & Rory Lewandowski
Topics covered in this session include:

  • use of annuals or alfalfa for lambs or lambs and ewes in spring
  • strip grazing with a back fence
  • chicory and BMR use
  • selective deworming of thin, triplet-bearing, and twin-bearing ewes to reduce pasture contamination

Management Tools and Techniques

Presenter – Dr. Bill Shulaw
Topics covered in this session include:

  • Using the FAMACHA system (when to start, frequency, using in large flocks, using as an animal selection tool, keeping records)
  • What do fecal egg counts tell us?
  • How to detect dewormer resistance
  • Worm egg count reduction testing
  • DrenchRite Assay